What kind of tools/software do you use?

For digital art my current hardware is a Mac 21'in, Huion Kamvas 20 and Ipad Pro 2nd Gen 11' in with Apple Pencil 2. My art software of choice is Clip Studio Paint EX/Pro, Procreate, Paintstorm Studio, Photoshop CC ( And multiple programs contained in the adobe creative suite), and Affinity Photo, OBS. I use PureRef, VizRef, and Notability for image refs for my PC and Ipad. For traditional art I use Illo SketchBooks and Arteza Sketchbooks for mostly everything. My medium of choice is typically markers, watercolors, pencils and inks. I lean towards the Japanese market in terms of brands such as Kuretake, Uni, Himi, Ruben Paul, Winsor and Newton, Ohuhu and Pilot, and I fancy many Arteza products.

What type commissions are you always up to draw?

I love any commission that gives me a healthy amount of artistic-freedom, always. Anything that involves monsters, teeth and horror themes and an excuse to use some wild lighting and be dynamic. Anything within my strengths I'm always down to draw.

What is your favorite/least favorite things to draw?

For favorite things, dragons, werewolves, various monsters. As far as dislikes, overly complex designs. I enjoy a fair amount of detail but sometimes too much is well, too much for me.

Are there specific dates for commission ETAs or it is random?

I usually try to get my entire batch completed before the weekend, so within five workdays ( Monday-Friday) Unless stated otherwise in which I will contact the client should anything come up or I need more time.

For how long have you drawn?

For 20+ years started when I was around 8 or so.

What brushes do you use?

In CSP my entire took kit consist of "Frenden's Brushes" whom I strongly recommend as well as finding useful stuff in the program's built in "Asset" market place. In Procreate I use the default brushes along side Maxpack brushes and ericanthonyj pencils.

What was your first drawing?

I really don't know. But I do remember sitting in front of the TV doodling on a mini dry erase board all the time while watching my favorite cartoons, and on occasion a cheap sketchbook.